Welcome To
The Doghouse!

Unofficially formed in 2008, as little more than a name and a logo to place on personal projects, Doghouse Reilly Studios is a publishing company that sings the praises of the one-man-band...

And to that end…we…is me. The one-man-band at the heart of Doghouse Reilly Studios. There have been other members of the band now and then. For better or worse, though, it usually ends up coming back to little old me.

Because of that, the band has always reflected my own interests, both long-lasting and momentary. From the early days of art books and flash fiction anthologies intended to mostly be given to friends and family, all the way through to the multi-year endeavor that was The Reel Fantasy Podcast and the single-episode animated series Viking Tales, Doghouse Reilly Studios has always delighted in its eclectic offerings.

As private projects evolved into public projects and public projects evolved into new forms and formats, Doghouse Reilly Studios had to evolve as well. Over the years, growing pains and shrinking pains all helped to crystallize my beliefs and intentions. My belief is that, while there might be things in life more important than a good story well told, no life can truly be complete without those sorts of stories. And my intention is to share those sorts of stories with the world, to whatever extent my abilities allow.


I would never go so far as to say that any of the stories rattling around in my head are important. But I do think that they’re worthwhile, and might have some important things to say. So, that’s the reason Doghouse Reilly Studios exists. To get those stories out there and into the hands, ears, and minds of anyone who cares to hear them.

Now and forever, Doghouse Reilly Studios celebrates stories and storytellers…embraces vision and execution…cherishes hope and persistence. Welcome to the doghouse.

Matthew Bruce Barr
founder, Doghouse Reilly Studios