Episode 39 – Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real

Matt and Drew don’t get fooled again by 2004’s DRAGONS: A FANTASY MADE REAL!  Law & Order: Special Dragon Unit! Dragons are deadbeat dads! Harry Potter is a credible scientific source! Dragon eggs are full of chocolate!

Wednesday Replay – The NeverEnding Story

Our Twos-day Replays become Wednesday Replays with our eighth episode, featuring 1984’s THE NEVERENDING STORY! This episode originally aired on May 27, 2016. This episode marks the first appearance of The Reel Fantasy 10 Commandments, although they were not named that at the time (nor were there 10 yet).

I Finally Saw…ROTPOTA / DOTPOTA / Taboo

We debut a new “mini-show” where we talk about movies or TV shows that we finally saw, after meaning to see for a while, but not actually seeing until we saw.  See saw. Today, we talk about RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and TABOO.

Episode 38 – A Kid In Aladdin’s Palace

Matt and Drew visit the legally distinct fictitious land of “Not-Agrabah” in 1998’s A KID IN ALADDIN’S PALACE!  E.T.’s just givin’ out Corvettes to people!  Fisher-Price Staffs Of Ra shine rainbows on kindergarten cartoon maps!  Alexander Robert and the Forty Thieves!  The return of Blarkle!

Episode 37 – The Adventures Of Hercules

Matt and Drew revisit pseudo-Greek pseudo-mythology with 1985’s pseudo-movie, THE ADVENTURES OF HERCULES aka HERCULES II!  Lou Ferrigno didn’t know he was in this movie!  Hercules versus Bigfoot!  Punching always more punching!  Science is magic, but magic is not science!

Episode 36 – Howl’s Moving Castle

Matt and Drew go utterly insane while watching and talking about 2004’s HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE! Steampunk saturation point immediately exceeded! Howl is SUPER bishounen! BLARKLE! Inexplicable, unrequited and unwarranted love!

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